An Electric Drum Set Is Best For Producing Electronic Music

I’ve shared a lot of my loves and hobbies and passions on this site. I’ve talked about how I love traveling with a hammock, how I prefer listening to music on a vinyl record player more than any other source, how I’ve wanted to learn how to sing, and, of course, my love for raves and electronic music concerts.

What is surprising is that I have never mentioned drumming before. Drums are a natural instrument for those of us who are really into electronic music. Sure, we like to get out the turntable and spin some vinyl, using it as an instrument through scratching and such, but even better is producing our own music.

When you produce music, you can use drum machines or keyboards or samples or all of those on a computer. But I prefer using real instruments. I feel it sounds much better. And the instrument I like playing the most is the drums. I actually had a drum set growing up. Yes, my neighbors hated me.

And I just got a new drum set, but this time I won’t be pissing off my neighbors. Why is that? That is because I got an electric drum set this time. The set I got is certainly not the best electric drum kit you can find online, but it is quite good. More on that below.

electric drum set

First, I want to explain more what e-drums actually are. These didn’t exist when I was young, but to me, they are an incredibly important invention.

They’re basically like a regular drum kit, except the sound is not created by hitting the drums and echoing out. Instead you hit an electronic pad and everything is done digitally. Sound is interpreted and reproduced digitally.

That means that you can play very quietly. You can hit the pads and have the sound turned down. Is this as good is playing loud? No, of course not. You lose a lot of things when you play quietly like this.

But it does have one huge advantage. It does not bother your neighbors or anyone else. And that means that you can practice far more often. With a normal drum set, you’re limited to certain times of the day, usually those times when you have agreed with those living around you that they will suffer through your drumming for that one or two hours. Outside of that time, you simply cannot practice anymore.

With an electric drum set, you can practice during those times. You can practice anytime you want, because you can turn on the sound and not bother anyone. That completely changes the way drummers practice and get better.

Previously, so much time was spent on trying to find a suitable practice base, or trying to work around other people schedules. Now you practice anytime you want and pretty much anywhere you want. That frees up so much more time to practice your drumming. You can make progress much faster. As a result, I think these electric drum kits are better than acoustic drum sets.

Now, I am obviously not a professional drummer. I just like to do it for fun. I do record some of my own music and I hope to press some of it to vinyl some day. It would just be so cool to listen to my own music on my vinyl record player. But even if that never happens, I just love making music. Even if no one else ever hears it, the joy of creating my own tunes, and now doing so with my own drum set, is just unbeatable.

If you’re wondering about where to get an electric drum set, I bought mine online from a place called Percussion Cave. Well, I read their review of my kit, but bought it elsewhere. You can generally get them at a local store that carries instruments.

There are a bunch of different brands available. I bought a fairly small one that doesn’t have too many different parts. I didn’t need anything fancy. It is considered a beginners kit, but it has so many advanced features that I think the only thing that makes it beginner is the fact that it doesn’t have more pieces.

It was really more of an advanced kit, but one with fewer pieces for the drummer who doesn’t feel like he needs to show off with hundreds of different components. And that is me, since I’m not really a real drummer anyway. I just need enough pieces to be able to make the sounds that I want and I have that.

I’ve been using my kid a lot since I got it and I absolutely love it. If you are a drummer or thinking of becoming one, I highly recommend getting an electric drum kit. Obviously, if you play live, you’ll need a real drum set too, but you should still get an electric one to practice on. They are actually surprisingly affordable. You owe it to yourself to check them out.